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Car History Report provides you with important information about the car that will help you make informed decision before buying a used car.

You car is probably the next big ticket item after your home. Why would you buy an unknown car and wear all the risk while doing a simple car history check on our website can reveal all the important information about the car you are about to buy.

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Enter Plate Number

All we need is your registration plate number. Rego plate numbers are far more easier than the VIN Numbers. Our system can find any car in Australia using licence plate number.


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For your convenience, We offer VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal as payment options. Our website offers you simple, fast and easy check out. Please note that your details are handled securely.


Instant Car Report

Our car report is instantly available right after payment. The car report is colour coded, simple and easy to understand. View and download the report and and receive the copy of the report on your email.

Complete Car Report

Car History Report Gives You Peace Of Mind.
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Check Car Under Finance

Find out if the car is under finance. The secured parties and their contact details.

Stolen Car Check

Check if there are any stolen VIN number, stolen Engine or stolen number plate is records for the car you are buying.

Car Write-Off Check

Has the car been recorded as a write off, including repairable write-off due to major accidents, Storm, flood damages and any subsequent inspections.

Full Car Description

Full car description incl. Make, Model, Colour, Body Type, Engine Number etc.

Car Registration Details

Find out in which state the Car is registered in and the registration (licence plate) expiration date.

Government Data

All the car report data comes from data sourced from Australian Government agencies. So you can buy our car report with confidence.

Every car history report includes Government Certificate.

Quick FAQ

Why should I bother getting a car history report?
Simply because if is safe to do so. It is in your best interest to get a car history check done prior to buying any used car. Doing so will provide you with critical information about the car which you might otherwise be unaware of. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
Do I need VIN number to get car history report?
No. You can use the registration number plate of any registered car in Australia to get the car report. Our system can find car record for any registered car in Australia using the rego/licence plate number.
Can I get previous owner details of the car?
No. It is not possible to find previous owner details of the car in Australia due to privacy laws.
How accurate is the car odometer check?
Car odometer check is neither accurate nor reliable. The odometer clock reading is just an estimate of what an average car would have clocked in given number of years.
The car report says write off records found, should I buy?
We do not provide car buying advice. You should exercise caution when you buy a vehicle that has written-off records against it. A thorough mechanical check is absolutely essential should you wish you purchase it.


Thank you Sam... I came across this vehicle for sale of eBay but it appears to be a scam...So much so, that the company perpetrated to be holding the car for this person with the supposed car for sale, have contacted me and asked me to contact the FBI in Irving California... How careful do you have to be Sam??... Thanks again..

Barry C QLD

Hello there, thanks for doing the car check over the phone. I was with the seller and didn't have access to the internet. Luckily you guys helped me do a quick car check over the phone. Great service. Thank you.

Russell M WA
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