Do you store Credit Card details?
Absolutely NOT. In-fact we don't even have access to your card details. We use Australian payment gateway and we use ANZ bank.
How secure is your website?
Absolutely. Our site uses modern security standards and we use highest 256 bit encryption for your security. We do not ask or store your personal information (except your email for sending the certificate). We do not process your payment. Payment is processed by certified payment gateway.
My Transaction Failed, what do I do?
If the transaction fails after the payment is made our system will automatically email the report and certificate when the service resumes. Should you wish to get a refund please email us, and we will refund the amount if the search hasn't yet been done.
Can I get refund?
Refund is available when when you enter a rego number of a registered vehicle and if we fail to send the report to you. VIN search are not eligible for refunds, for example if you entered incorrect VIN number. This is clearly mentioned in the checkout.