Plate Number to VIN Lookup

Find out the VIN number from the Registration Licence Plate Number.

Give us the registration licence plate number and we will tell you the vehicle details including VIN number of the vehicle.

Rego number to VIN lookup service.

Reliable VIN lookup using the registration licence plate number.

Stop worrying about Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). Incorrect VINs cost time and money. There are better things in life than worrying about VIN numbers. VIN numbers are long, not easy to remember and it is very easy to get any character wrong. Make life easier and use our Rego to VIN reverse lookup.

Get VIN from Rego Number

VIN lookup in 3 simple steps.

Enter Plate Number

Enter the rego licence plate number.


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Get VIN Details

Get VIN and related vehicle details.

Easy and Reliable way to find the VIN number from Rego Number.

VIN Lookup Questions

Q.How reliable is VIN lookup?

Our VIN lookup data is sourced from Government transport agencies and therefore is highly reliable.

Q.Can you provide the Chassis number from rego number?

Yes, we can provide Chassis number from rego number as long as the vehicle is registered or being unregistered for less than a year. We cannot provide the details if the vehicle is unregistered for more than a year.

Q. What information does VIN Lookup provide?

Our VIN lookup service provides the following vehicle

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Make.
  • Vehicle Model.

Q.C Do you provide bulk VIN lookup?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.