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Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) explained.

Q. What is a VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique 17 character serial number allocated to every vehicle. Every vehicle sold in Australia since 1989 must have a VIN. Pre-1889 vehicle the VIN is also known as Chassis number which could be shorter.

Q. Why do I need VIN to check on a vehicle?

The Personal Properties Securities Register uses VIN as the primary identifier for any vehicle whose security interest is registered in it. So if you are buying a used vehicle in Australia and wish to check if the vehicle has any finance on it, you will need VIN.

Q. Where do I find the VIN number?

  • VIN is commonly found on the Passenger Side Windscreen just below the wipers.
  • VIN can be found on the Renewal Reminder Notice or the Rego Sticker.
  • VIN number is also found under the bonnet on the Build Plaque.
  • On Some vehicles VIN is also found on the door jamb.

Q. What is the difference between VIN number and Chassis number?

Any vehicle manufactured after 1989 must have a VIN and is exactly 17 characters long. Please note that a VIN will never have the letters 'I' or 'Q'. Pre-1989 vehicles many have VIN shorter that 17 characters and they are also known as Chassis number. So when you buy vintage or classic vehicles you need a Chassis check.

Q. Can I use registration plate number instead of VIN?

Yes you can. On our website you can use the vehicle registration plate number commonly known as 'rego number' to do a vehicle check. Using plate number instead of VIN number is much easier and faster.

Q. Why VIN is so hard?

Let's face it. VIN numbers are a pain. They are too long, not easy to remember and are error prone. It is very easy to make a mistake when you get the VIN from the seller or you could easily get a character wrong. The worst part is if you enter a wrong VIN, you might not get a vehicle report at all or end up getting report for a wrong vehicle.

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